Below are some resources to support schools to deliver Oral Health education.

Early Years, KS1 and KS2Free photo father's day dad and son holding tooth brushes

E-Bug KS1 oral hygiene lesson

Children learn how plaque forms and why and how sugary food and drink can damage your teeth.

 E-Bug KS2 oral hygiene lesson and video

Children learn how they can prevent tooth decay. The activities demonstrate the importance of brushing teeth twice a day to reduce plaque, and how much sugar many common drinks contain.

 Dental Buddy Oral Health resources from Early Years to KS2

Presentations and lesson plans to support Oral Health through the primary age range.

Downloads and Resources | Oral Health Foundation (

 Brush up on Smiles

Brush up on Smiles supports teaching about healthy teeth.

Brush up on smiles aims to help pupils – and their families – learn what keeps teeth healthy.  It includes PowerPoints with notes, assemblies and posters

 Dental Snakes and Ladders

While remembering to brush your teeth or visit the dentist allows the player to climb up a toothbrush to the winning post, too many sweets and fizzy drinks could mean sliding down a candy cane to the bottom of the board!

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Hey Duggee Tooth Brushing

Includes a tooth brushing song and a game for children to earn a tooth brushing badge.

Earn your Tooth Brushing Badge with Hey Duggee – CBeebies – BBC

 C4L Keeping our teeth healthy

Developed with teachers and dental experts, these PowerPoint presentations use a simple science experiment to introduce the idea of how sugary drinks can affect teeth.

Science lesson PowerPoint – Keeping our teeth healthy | PHE School Zone

Colgate resources

free resources including posters, DVDs and a story book

Colgate resources

 Oral B resources

Lessons, activity sheets and films to support parents with good oral hygiene

KS3 Oral Health resourcesPortrait of a young girl cleaning her teeth

Bright Dental Health Lesson pack KS3

BRIGHT aims to develop students’ understanding and knowledge about the importance of tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste as a method to prevent dental caries.

BRIGHT dental health lesson pack (