People may attend work hungover or still under the influence from the night before, consume alcohol before work or during the day; or their work may be affected by health problems resulting from drinking. Here are a few examples:

  • 40% of employers mention alcohol as a significant cause of low productivity
  • Between 3% and 5% of all work absence is caused by alcohol consumption
  • 35% of people say they’ve noticed colleagues under the influence of drugs and alcohol at work
  • 25% say that drugs or alcohol have affected them at work, with 23% saying they had experienced decreased productivity as a result

Workplaces don’t just suffer from the effects of alcohol – they can exacerbate the problem. 27% of people say that workplace stress makes them drink more.

Many workplace cultures also encourage drinking, whether through informal socialising or workplace events where drinking is considered the norm and alcohol is often made available for free.