Many of us consume about one third of our daily calories at work. What we eat and drink affects our health as well as our performance. People who do not eat regularly, eat a balanced diet or drink enough water throughout the work day may experience headaches, feel sluggish or tired, or have difficulty concentrating.

Healthy Snacks

The workplace can be a great place to support healthy eating by: 

  • providing time and space for employees to eat their meals 
  • offering healthy food and drinks in the cafeteria, during meetings and in any vending machines 
  • providing refrigerators and microwaves so that meals can be stored and prepared appropriately 
  • signposting to local healthy food initiatives
  • ensuring there is easy access to water throughout the day

Healthy Lifestyles Advisors

North Somerset Healthy Lifestyles Advisors can support you to eat well with 1-1 support available.

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