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    The North Somerset Healthy Workplaces Awards

    A free, flexible programme to support and promote the health and wellbeing of staff within North Somerset workplaces. There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Healthy Workplace Awards, such as access to training, peer to peer support and shared resources. The scheme provides a framework to celebrate work to support staff health and wellbeing with opportunities to achieve ‘Healthy Workplace’ awards.


    Employers and businesses of all sizes and staffing structures are welcome, including employers from the voluntary sector.

    Accreditation categories and criteria

    All levels of award are based on the following categories, and each category has corresponding criteria:

    5 key healthy workplace goals:

    1. Leadership and Commitment
    2. Compassionate, inclusive and effective line management
    3. Engaged and supported staff
    4. Understanding employee health needs
    5. Environment

    8 Health and Wellbeing Topics:

    1. Mental health
    2. Musculoskeletal health
    3. Smoking
    4. Food and nutrition
    5. Physical activity
    6. Drugs and alcohol
    7. Healthy ageing
    8. Women’s health, men’s health, cancer at work and oral health


    Award level – Bronze, Silver and Gold Healthy Workplace Awards

    Workplaces join the scheme as ‘Members’ and can work towards achieving a bronze silver and gold award. To achieve a Bronze Healthy Workplace award, employers are required to meet all 13 Bronze criteria. To achieve a Silver Healthy Workplace award, employers are required to meet all the criteria for the Bronze award, plus 20 additional criteria and for Gold, all the criteria for the Bronze award plus 40 additional criteria.

    • Bronze – 13 criteria
    • Silver – 13 Bronze criteria + additional 20 criteria
    • Gold – 13 Bronze criteria + additional 40 criteria

    Take a look at our Healthy Workplaces flyer and brochure for more information on the criteria and how to apply for an award.

    Healthy Workplaces Flyer (PDF, 463 KB)

    Healthy workplace awards brochure (PDF, 1 MB)

    Support throughout the process

    1. Support from Healthy Workplaces team
    2. Networking and peer to peer support
    3. Workplace health and wellbeing events
    4. Training
    5. Newsletter
    6. Resources

    Celebration of Success

    To recognise and celebrate success an annual healthy workplace event is planned and promotes the good practice of local employers in North Somerset.

    Become a Member

    To join the scheme, workplaces can fill out the registration form and email it to or should you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to email the mailbox direct.


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