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    About the North Somerset Healthy Workplace Award

    The North Somerset Healthy Workplaces Award is a flexible framework that enables you to capture existing work that supports the health and wellbeing of your employees. It will help you to identify areas that may need some improvement and also provide you with inspiration, and ideas, to progress and make positive changes in your workplace.

    Accreditation categories & criteria

    The framework is divided into categories where action can be taken to support and improve employee health and wellbeing. Within in each category, there are criteria to help guide you to standards of good practice within your workplace. Following the criteria, examples will be given to what this could look like, along with evidence and practice from elsewhere.

    Award Levels

    To ensure leadership and organisation sign up, a signed commitment to work towards the ‘Healthy Workplace Award’ is encouraged before working on the award criteria. We will provide you with a signed commitment form.

    The 3 levels of award achievement are Bronze, Silver & Gold.

    Bronze Award Level – 13 core elements need to be achieved
    Silver Award Level – Core (13) + 20 additional criteria
    Gold Award Level – Core + 40 additional criteria

    For workplaces with less than 50 members of staff a Small Business Healthy Workplace Award is on offer. This covers the 13 Core Elements.

    To acknowledge and recognise progress ‘Certificates of Commitment’ can be achieved whilst working  towards achieving an award level for specific health areas such as ‘Mental Health Criteria’.

    Support throughout the process

    Throughout the process a wide range of support is offered from advice, sharing good practice examples, templates, needs assessment surveys and tools, access to a wide variety of wellbeing offers, resources and much more

    Celebration of Success

    To recognise and celebrate success an annual healthy workplace event is planned and will promote the good practice of local employers in North Somerset.

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