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    Nicotine Delivery Graph

    This graph illustrates the peaks and troughs of blood nicotine levels, experienced throughout the day. This graph can be used with clients to show that when they wake up, their nicotine levels are low, this is why smokers usually smoke soon after waking. They will then regularly smoke throughout the day to prevent their nicotine levels becoming so low that they suffer strong withdrawal symptoms.

    Graph Showing Nicotine Delivery by Time

    Clinical Checklist

    This checklist contains useful information about what areas you’ll need to cover when supporting clients to stop smoking.

    Clinical checklist

    Printable Resources Toolkit

    These resources can be given to your client as additional guidance and support outside of a session. They can be printed, or emailed to your client.

    4 Ds Top tips for quitting smoking Support to Stop Smoking Agreement Dealing with cravings Comprehensive Guide to Managing Cravings Booklet Client handout E Cigarettes Q&A Your 1st 2nd 3rd week without smoking Certificate of Achievement

    Clinically Significant Drug Interactions with Smoking

    Some medications may become more effective when stopping smoking, therefore your client may need to discuss this with their GP, as some medications can be reduced once they no longer smoke. This sheet details known interactions.

    What are Drug-interactions-with-smoking-cigarettes

    Why is it Worth Stopping Smoking – Lung Function Improvement

    This graph illustrates the benefits to lung function when stopping smoking.

    Why is it worth stopping – lung function chart