Zyban (bupropion)

By Smokefree Team

Zyban (Bupropion)

Zyban is a medication originally used to treat depression, but it has since been found to help people quit smoking.

It’s not clear exactly how it works, but it’s thought to influence the parts of the brain involved in addictive behaviour.

Bupropion is only available on prescription, so we work with your GP to obtain a prescription.

It’s taken as one to two tablets a day. You should start taking it a week or two before you try to quit.

A course of treatment usually lasts around seven to nine weeks.

Bupropion is safe for most people to take, although there are some situations when it’s not recommended.

For example, it’s not suitable for:

children under 18 years of age

women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

people with epilepsy, bipolar disorder or eating disorders

your advisor will be able to explain this a bit more.