Here in North Somerset there is a variety of community food projects including food banks, community fridges, and local zero waste shops to neighbourhood lunch clubs, community gardens and allotments.

Use our interactive map to find your local food project.

Who’s who on our Food in the Community map

Food banks Provide emergency food parcels containing  three days of nutritionally balanced meals for individuals and families.

To access a food bank, your GP, health visitor, housing association, and many charities can refer you for a food voucher which you take to the food bank in exchange for your food parcels.

Community fridges Spaces where anyone can share food to combat food waste, either by bringing food to leave in the fridge or by taking food from the fridge to use themselves. They are welcoming spaces open to all.
Lunch clubs Weekly or monthly events where the community gathers to share meal together. Booking is often required and sometimes a small cost.
Meals on wheels Offered by North Somerset Council to support older and unwell individuals at home. Find out more.
Allotments Made up of plots of differing sizes, some shared between residents who grow both flowers and vegetables. For people who have a small garden or no gardens at all allotments are a welcome facility. Allotments in North Somerset are managed by town and parish councils. Find out more. 
Community gardens Community spaces where you can grow your favourite flowers, fruits and veg, lend a hand with repairs and enjoy good company, tea and biscuits. Join friendly sessions to get your fresh-air fix, share skills, and take home your “own grown” fresh veggies.
Food Co-op Local groups who bulk buy wholefoods for its members.
Zero waste shops Offer a range of loose produce and everyday items such as rice, pasta, pulses, nuts, and spices for sale. Customers bring in their own containers and fill them up, you are charged by the weight of the item.
Food Groups A group of local organisations such as North Somerset Council, town and parish councils and Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprises (VCFSE) organisations involved in food support across North Somerset.

Are you a local community food project? Please email to get your food project added to our Food in the Community map.

We endeavour to ensure our Food in Community map is up to date as possible, however projects can change frequently. If you would like more information about your local project please contact them directly.