H.E.N in Pregnancy Team

H.E.N in Pregnancy Team


Join our H.E.N in Pregnancy course

    Our H.E.N in Pregnancy course is delivered by a Registered Midwife and Public Health Lifestyle Advisors, and aims to provide you with support and advice on a range of topics to help you stay healthy and active during your pregnancy.

    The H.E.N in Pregnancy course runs for six weekly sessions on Wednesday mornings at local children’s centres across North Somerset.

    H.E.N covers topics such as:

    • nutrition for you and baby
    • being active in pregnancy – includes an activity taster session
    • wellbeing in pregnancy – includes guest speakers from local support organisations
    • support to make healthy changes


    Benefits of joining H.E.N

    • meet other mums-to-be
    • access advice on nutrition and being active during pregnancy
    • make small, sustainable healthy changes to your lifestyle
    • gain support for both your physical and emotional wellbeing
    • receive exclusive incentives to help you keep active during pregnancy and after birth
    • learn about local organisations who support Mums-to-be and their families
    • access to free gentle movement classes online and in a local leisure centre
    • staying healthy after birth
    • The H.E.N course is part of your routine antenatal care so you are entitled to paid leave from your employment to attend


    Joining criteria:

      • resident in North Somerset
      • pregnant
      • able to attend a minimum of four sessions
      • have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 or more.  Or BMI of 25 or more with co-morbidities e.g. gestational diabetes


    How to join:

    sign up or ask your Midwife to refer you