North Somerset children’s centres provide support for both you and your children within your local community and offer a range of service for families to access such as:

  • groups for you and your little ones, courses for parents, drop-in sessions
  • child and family health services, ranging from health visitor services to breastfeeding support
  • family support, including outreach and home visiting
  • information on childcare and early learning and local support groups and help to promote Early Years Pupil Premium
  • help for parents to find work or training opportunities, using links to Jobcentre Plus offices and training providers


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Children’s centres are primarily aimed at parents/carers with children aged under five years provide support with…

Child development and school readiness

  • supporting personal, social and emotional development
  • encouraging physical development with gross such as walking, jumping and fine motor skills such as mark making and hand eye coordination
  • promoting communication and language from pre-birth to age 5

These skills help children develop as confident and curious learners and who are able to take full advantage of the learning opportunities presented to them in school.

Parenting aspirations and parenting skills

  • a range of advanced parenting classes
  • family support including outreach and home visiting
  • help you find training or work opportunities
  • provide information on childcare and early learning and local support groups
  • support to build on your strengths and supporting your aspirations, so parents/carers are able to give their children the best start in life.

Child and family health and life chances

  • promoting good mental health for both children and their family
  • information on healthy eating and oral health
  • safeguarding – helping to reduce risk factors so both children and their families are safe
  • helping you to improve both their immediate wellbeing and their future life chances