Creating a Smokefree Home

By Smokefree Team

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Second-hand smoke is dangerous for anyone exposed to it, but children are especially vulnerable, due to:

  • Breathing more rapidly
  • Having less developed airways and lungs
  • Having under-developed immune systems, which protect them less than adults
  • More hand to mouth contact, therefore increasing chemical ingestion

Having a Smokefree home and car is the most effective way to protect children’s health from the dangers of second-hand smoke as no matter how careful you are children are still at danger of breathing in harmful second-hand smoke.

Baby asleep with smoke around it

Parents and carers can help protect their children from second-hand smoke by taking the following actions:

  • Do not allow anyone to smoke anywhere in or near your home. Unfortunately smoking out of a window or out of an open door does not stop smoke from entering your home
  • Take it right outside, and remember to keep the doors and windows shut. Smoke can linger for up to 5 hours and as its 80% invisible opening windows and doors does not remove its harmful effect.
  • Do not allow anyone to smoke in your car even with the window down. Remember it is illegal to smoke in the car with anyone under 18 present.
  •  Air fresheners or scented candles do not remove the harmful smoke – they just hide the smell

For more information you can visit the NHS website

Why not take a pledge to make your home Smokefree? The only way to protect your family from second-hand smoke is to quit. We know attempting to stop smoking in your home and car can be very challenging.  Free support, motivation and advice are available from Smokefree North Somerset so if you want more information or are not sure how to get started then give the Smokefree team a call on 01275 546744 or email and our friendly Smokefree homes advisor will talk you through the options.