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We ask for feedback from all of the clients who have used our free Healthy Lifestyles Advisor Service for eat well, get active, lose weight and stop smoking support.   Here...

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We ask for feedback from all of the clients who have used our free Healthy Lifestyles Advisor Service for eat well, get active, lose weight and stop smoking support.   Here are some examples of the responses we have received:

“Very kind knowledgeable and super supportive”

“I have learnt a lot from the program and understand the bad eating habits, [Advisor] has helped totally change the way I eat and how I look at food”

“Relaxed atmosphere while giving great advice and encouragement.  Much better diet, not just weight loss. More exercise and better mental attitude.  I think it was excellent, and if it is accessible to all then it can’t be improved”

“My whole diet has changed and little by little I’m getting healthier and stronger”

“You adapted training to my ability and gave great advice on how to achieve my goals”

“My advisor has been amazing. Her advice and support to help me succeed in quitting smoking really made a huge difference. I am now smoke and nicotine free”

“[Advisor] has been an amazing advisor she helped me understand how sugar works in my body and how it contributes to weight gain and up my blood sugar levels. She gave me so much reading material and supported me with understanding food and the portions I need to eat. The importance of mental health and the importance of getting regular exercise”

“[Advisor] was incredibly kind and an incredible listener, I felt heard. Can’t praise her or thank her enough”

“[Advisor] is a very vibrant person, that very quickly puts you at ease. Incredibly helpful, supportive and friendly.
Her non judgemental attitude makes her a real asset to the team.  Thank you [Advisor] you are a gem”

“[Advisor] has helped me achieve my weight loss goal within the time I anticipated in friendly and informative manner. A very enjoyable experience”

“I found [Advisor] to be very friendly and encouraging. I have to say I found [Advisor] to be excellent to work with and really appreciated her help”

“The advice I got has really helped me. [Advisor] also really goes above and beyond to be there for you, to care and to believe in me. Each week building on the new habits I learnt the week before. Thanks to [Advisor], I’ve learnt a routine that has helped me fit in working out into my life. I’ve learnt how to eat without distraction and how much that caused issues with my hunger pangs. I’ve learnt how to cook batch meals, and do so every week. I’ve learnt how to leave food and to slow down. I’ve stopped judging myself as much and do all of this for an enjoyment of food, as well as my health. Food wasn’t the enemy I always thought it was. I’m really grateful to [Advisor]”

“The trainer was friendly and approachable. He made me feel relaxed when I was speaking to him. The service actually worked for me as I lost a steady pace of weight and feel that the programme was not hard to follow which enabled me to keep to the food and activity schedule set out”

“Regular weight recorded with amazing support. Daily recording of food eaten helped point out where I was comfort eating. Lifestyle changes made with advice on healthy eating plans. Lower saturated fats and portion control. Loss of weight very encouraging and a wish to continue with a monthly group. Swim vouchers and cycling fab way to exercise. [Advisor] fab trainer and professional”

“[Advisor] has been exactly what I needed, achieved very good results thanks to her help”

“Professional service, with a very warm and caring trainer, couldn’t of asked for any better help”

“Regular check ins, friendly, non judgemental”

“[Advisor] was very helpful and had great ideas”

If you would like to find out more about the support available contact the Healthy Lifestyles Advisors on 01934 427661 or email