What to expect the first few weeks of quitting

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In the first few weeks of stopping smoking you will be getting use to your stop smoking products, changing your daily routine and manging any cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Find out more about the first few weeks.


Week One

The most important thing to do is adopt a positive attitude, although the next few weeks will have their challenges this is something positive for you.

Good points to remember this week include:

  • Use your stop smoking products, patches, mouth spray, vape – use it regularly, every hour if needed.
  • Keep in touch with your stop smoking advisor.
  • Download the NHS Quit app or the Smokefree app for support on the go
  • Stick to the NOPE rule – Not One Puff (of a cigarette) Ever



Week Two

Sometimes this week can seem harder than week one, this is because the novelty of doing something new is beginning to wear off.

  • Stick at it, and remember to live one day at a time, or even every hour.  Just aim to go to bed each night without smoking.
  • Reward yourself by buying yourself something, flowers, a new book, a new jumper with the money saved from your first week without smoking.
  • Be wary of pubs and parties.  Too much alcohol will increase cravings and reduce your ability to handle it sensibly.

Week Three

There can be mixed emotions during week three. On one hand you’ve:

  • Been smokefree for two weeks – Well done!
  • You are confident using your stop smoking products
  • Your carbon monoxide (CO) level is that of a non-smoker
  • You’ve made positive changes to your daily routine
  • Any withdrawal symptoms have reduced or gone completely.

However you may have some confusing emotions…

You may feel glad to no longer be smoking but at the same time have very definite feelings of loss – like losing a friend – is the way people often put it.

Have patience, it can take time to adjust to your new smokefree self, becoming smokefree is a journey and you are only just starting, there are lots of positives to come.

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Positive attitude – Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Flowers – Photo by Janine Meuche on Unsplash

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