Active Hearts

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Parish Wharf Leisure Centre in Portishead offers cardiac rehabilitation classes called Active Hearts.

The classes are open to Cardiac Rehabilitation Scheme graduates, or via GP Referral 

 Benefits of the classes 

The aim of the sessions is to encourage anyone with a heart condition* to become more physically active. Benefits of the classes also include: 

  • Regular blood pressure monitoring 
  • Improved health and well-being 
  • An exercise programme tailored to meet an individual’s needs 
  • A chance to meet other people who have undergone similar cardiac events 
  • A safe environment in which to exercise 
  • Friendly and experienced staff 



Sessions are 90 minutes long. Blood pressures are taken and logged at the start of every class, to ensure participants are fit to exercise that day. This can also flag up problems which can be followed up by a medical professional if need be. An extended warm-up is then done in either a studio or in the gym, followed by a gym session which is supervised by an instructor with Level 4 Exercise for Cardiac Rehabilitation. Other gym staff are also available for extra support.  


Active Hearts classes run on the following days/times: 

Monday 11.30am-1pm 

Wednesday 11.30am-1pm 

The cost is £5.50 per session, payable in advance.  


For further information 


Telephone: 01275 848494 


*Medical conditions 

Medical conditions include: Coronary Heart Disease if 1) graduate of Phase III cardiac rehabilitation, or 2) > 6/12 weeks elapsed since acute cardiac event, or 3) CHD history but no recent acute event, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolaemia