Andrea’s Story

Better health, more money and no more smell. Find out how we helped Andrea stop smoking.

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Andrea stopped smoking in March 2023 after 33 years of smoking, having previously been smokefree for seven years, she knew she could do it. Andrea was motivated to stop smoking for her health and had the support of our expert stop smoking advisor Chris via telephone support service.

Andrea used Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to help her quit smoking…‘Started with spray and moved to lozenges, both beneficial as reduced the cravings and temptation and great tools to break the habit. Nothing bad to mention’.

Andrea said the best things for her about being smokefree are:

  • Her health has improved
  • She no longer smell of smoke
  • More money (£680 so far!)

Andrea’s advice for anyone thinking about stopping smoking…

‘Get professional help, the support, encouragement and advise I have received has made all the  difference in succeeding … Thank you Chris!’

‘Use the no smoking aids as they do work, treat yourself with the money you have been saving.’

Well done Andrea! ✨


If you are interested in stopping smoking contact us to find out more.

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