Simon’s Story

Simon had two goals, stop smoking and save for a holiday...£1800 later, Simon has achieved his goals!

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Simon made the decision he wanted to quit smoking and contacted us here at Smokefree North Somerset in April 2023. Simon had two goals when he came to our Smokefree drop-in:

1. Give up smoking.

2. Go on holiday with the money saved from stopping smoking.

“I used the patches and mouth spray which I found to be extremely helpful”.

With the support of his family and our stop smoking advisor he has managed to stay smokefree and saved £1800!

Simon received financial benefit of becoming smokefree but also noticed other improvements too… “Feeling much more healthy e.g., breathing better, less coughing, and fresh smelling clothes”.

Not only did Simon successfully achieve his first goal of becoming smokefree but he also managed to achieve his second goal of going on holiday…“I have used the money I have saved to fund a month long holiday abroad. This was my goal as part of  stopping smoking”.

Simon’s top tips for stopping smoking are: Set a day when you want to stop, don’t be scared to ask for more support if you need it'”

“Do not feel scared to try, think of your health plus the health of those close to you. Think of the money you can save, set yourself small goals to start with'”

Well done Simon! 👏

If you are interested in stopping smoking contact us to find out more.

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