Food Support

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Food Banks 

Food banks are grassroots, community organisations designed to provide short-term, emergency food support for people who cannot afford the essentials. 

Foodbanks use a voucher referral system.

You can find your local food bank on the North Somerset Council website and the Trussell Trust website. 

To be referred, you can contact Citizens Advice North Somerset


Free School Meals

There are two schemes for free school meals:

  • universal infant free school meals for all children in reception year, year 1 and year 2 – you don’t need to apply as they’re automatically given at the school
  • free school meals for people on qualifying benefits – you’ll need to apply for these

If you claim qualifying benefits and your child is entitled to universal infant school meals, you should still apply for free school meals so:

  • you’re eligible for other financial assistance for items such as school trips
  • the school can receive funding for the free school meals


For more information on how to avail of free school meals, visit the North Somerset Council website.

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