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We can help you stop smoking

Smokefree North Somerset can support you to become smokefree.

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Smokefree North Somerset

Text HELP to 07800 001316

01275 546744

    It’s never too late to stop smoking!

    Our advisors here at Smokefree North Somerset offer a non-judgmental support for those who want to stop smoking. We understand the difficulties involved in stopping smoking and we offer the most effective way of stopping smoking for good.

    You are 3 times more likely to quit with our support.

    • Our advisors are trained experts in helping people to stop smoking.
    • We provide free support via face-to-face drop-in sessions and/or telephone support.
    • You can receive 12 weeks free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) such as patches, lozenges and mouth spray to help reduce your withdrawal symptoms.
    • We are a vape friendly service providing vape kits and 12 weeks’ worth of e-liquids and coils.
    • We can support you to access prescription only medication from your GP.
    • NRT sent to a local pharmacy for you to collect.


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